Truths that are self evident



A subject I have thought a great deal on is that there are certain truths that are "Self Evident". Above and beyond an opinion of mine or anyone else's. Thoughts and ideas that stand the test of time. The question that has occupied my mind for as long as I have been a father, "How do I transfer these truths to my children"? How do I lend them the benefit of wisdom gained and the wealth of my experiences?

As an African American father there is not a day that goes by that I don't wonder where they will be in five, ten or twenty years from now. How can I get them to make the right choices that are correct for them in the here and now? How do I get to connect into that All-Supply of Wisdom and knowledge that is available to every soul. How do I get them to see the "Truths" that are self evident?

How do we tell them that we as a race are sometimes our own worst enemies? Being real and keeping it real is nothing more than an idea to "be down" with ignorance . Images un-numbered every day in the media show Afican Americans being successful as a rap artist's, sports stars, and even drug dealer's --- prefered over the programmer, the graphic arts designer, the engineer, the doctor, the bricklayer, the painter, the pastor, the father or mother, the insurance salesman, the shop owner or a thousand other honorable professions.

Yes we do have bright and shining stars that leave us pre-maturely, but no less deserving of our attention are our un-sung heroes that work each day for a living and aspire to a dream and standard of living that we all long for.

The media has built an empire with graphic images of "hard core looking rap artists", who claim to have their hands on the pulse of our youth. But what I told my sons that they haven't shown are the lifestyles that these artist's aspire to once they've made it. They no longer live in the hood. They wear the finest clothing, they search out the finest legal and financial advice. Their medical insurances for their families are second to none. The cars they drive are the latest models. Their children have been found to attend the best private schools. They live in the best of neighborhoods that their new-found wealth can afford.

Not one has moved back to the hood. But that's to be expected. Isn't their new found lifestyle one that we all aspire to, black or white, asian or hispanic?

So what is Self Evident here? It's simple. Whether black or white, asian or hispanic, Jewish, Baptist, Protestant, or Catholic, male or female, we all have the same dream once exposed to the possiblities of a better life style.



Kelvin Otis


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