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Who’s Talking?

By Denise Turney Author of Portia, Love Has Many Faces and Spiral Visit Denise online at ­ http://www.chistell.com    

As the author of three books, I have been asked where I got my writing “voice”. Each time the question is posed to me it catches me by surprise. I almost never know how to answer. My voice I wonder to myself. My voice. I just write. I don’t recall trying to have or create a certain “voice”. Whatever it is, it’s just there. I can’t take credit for it. If anything my experiences and my perceptions created my voice.

I believe it’s important for each of us to have a voice. It’s another way to validate your experiences, to state that what happens to you during this life journey is authentic. It’s what lends power to history books, biographies and autobiographies. Voice.

A wonderful gift you can give yourself is to teach others to value your voice. An excellent method to use to accomplish this is to become an expert listener. After all, I have seen that we do often receive what we give. Don’t cut people off mid-sentence or offer advice when someone is sharing an experience they tell you has brought them pain. Avoid transferring your thoughts, perceptions and feelings/emotions about events that have happened to another onto that person’s voice. Allow them to speak freely and openly. Allow them to develop and strengthen their own voice. As you do this and become adept at it, you will notice your patience extending, your self-esteem deepening and yourself making new friends.

When you speak teach others to extend you the same gift of listening that you extend to them. Not by force or by making demands – with love – teach others to value your voice. If they are tempted to define your life experiences in order to create a reality they are more comfortable with, gently and lovingly assure them that it is your experience you are sharing with them. As the universe has not caused them to experience your life, they cannot be your voice – ever. Regardless of how similar events that happen upon us may be, no two people has an identical make-up, personality, thoughts, dreams, etc. so each of our experiences is unique.

At times your voice may be joyous, angry, sad, confused, triumphant or brilliant. It mirrors your experiences. Use your voice and inspire others to use theirs!

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways. The Lord be with all of you.”  -- 2 Thessalonians 3:16  

Visit the author of this article online at ­ http://www.chistell.com Ask for Free excerpts from her new book ­ Spiral ­ while you’re there!    

Visit the author of this article online at http://www.chistell.com
Listen in while Denise host "Off The Shelf" at Blakeradio.com

Visit the dynamic author of this article online at - http://www.chistell.com

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