Spotlight on Black Colleges and Universities
This is a growing list of profiles on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). This listing is free of charge to all HBCUs, and we are always interested in adding new schools to the list. If you want a school to be added,. have their Public Relations department contact us at

Other Black Sites
This is a list of over 400 websites from all over the world that you might find interesting. Click here if you want to submit a site for review and possible inclusion in this listing.

Recipe of the Month
Each month a new recipe is featured free of charge. Click here if you want to submit your own recipe.

Recipe Archive
Over the last few years we have featured dozens of recipes and some of the best are listed here and available to you via email.

Community Service
If you know of a non profit organization (§501(c)3) that is doing good work in the community we'd like to post information about them in this section.

Black Physicians
This is a voluntary list of Black physicians intended to be used as a resource for anyone seeking a medical practitioner of color.

Words of Wisdom
These are selected poems from a variety of sources, intended to raise the spirit and motivate. Send your original poems to us at

This is where you can let us know what's on your mind. We welcome opinions on almost any subject.

Wish List
This section is for those ideas we wish we had the resources to follow up with, but we don't, so if you can help us please do.

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