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America's 'Rule of Law' For Certain People

America's 'Rule of Law' For Certain People
As social and political gatekeepers continually pound the phrase 'rule of law' into the heads of the public, it should from now on be ignored, especially by Black Americans or any Americans who work to get by because in the on-going immigration debate, corporate white-collar criminality, and Hollywood celebrity, the 'rule of law' means nothing.

Mexicans can illegally cross the border, get a job, credit, and bank account, and live the American dream; corporate CEOs can bilk the public for billions of dollars, and Hollywood pussy cats and dogs can get away with murder, drug use, drunk driving, racist acts and anything else their hearts desire and nothing will happen. No legal or court actions will be taken, at least not seriously.

But if a Black person j-walks across the street, they are subject to punishment to the full extent of the law, and then some. No wonder the jails and prisons are full of Black people.

The justice system is of no good use to this country if the so-called rules of law are not followed. In a May 2007 passing of an immigration Bill "under which the government would establish a point system to evaluate would-be immigrants, giving more weight to job skills and education and less to family ties," employers said they "were unhappy with the result because it would not cure the severe labor shortages they foresee in the coming decade. In addition, employers expressed alarm as they learned that the Senate bill would require them to check a government database to verify that all current and former employees - aliens and citizens alike - were eligible to work in the United States."

If an esteemed business of legal stature can complain that they have to follow the law, and possibly make sense to and have the support of law makers, what makes average voters any more important to a system that will do whatever the hell they want to do? Votes are no longer effective in this system, a revolution is needed.

Adding two and 2 - U.S. Constitution buffs (Congress) plus major employers of the country - the results show that as long as laws are made to be broken, manipulated for ones own benefit, and twisted to meet the economical needs of capitalist and corporate greed, United States citizens, who have lived here all their lives and are law abiding people, including and especially Blacks, should have no faith in a system that favors some over others, nor should we continue to support it with votes.

How can a country be run by laws that are not enforced except on or for the benefit of certain people? How is that considered justice? Who wants to support a system that works for no one but those with money or who are making money?

The average citizen works for a paycheck, week-to-week or month-to-month only to be taxed, policed by law enforcement, drained by banking and health care institutions, utility companies, and predatory mortgage companies; having their houses taken, license suspended, bank accounts overdrawn, identity stolen, food poisoned, children indoctrinated and infected, threatened with disease, infection, pedophilia, recalls, misprints, racist remarks, public humiliation, sickness, poverty, and all other socially and media reported catastrophes that plague society, and people with money and no citizenship walk away scot free based on the love of money and capitalist exploitation? This is the land of the what?

All the time this is going on, Black people are continually mocked by mainstream media, excluded from higher positions of authority, ridiculed by white college kids, shot by white police officers with ego trips, locked away in prisons for extreme extended sentences, passed-over for promotions, stereotyped by Hollywood, commercial marketing campaigns, and television networks.

Christian leaders in America remain silent while the Ten Commandments are taken from court buildings. Commandments that state murder, theft, and lying are sins, which were at one time bases for the so-called 'rule of law' in America.

So now that the Ten Commandments are being taken from the court building, this obviously means that the courts along with the political systems of this country (Administrative, Judicial, Legislative Branches) do not believe that murder, theft or lying is wrong (except if you are Black or poor or both), and they have started practicing the injustice as of this day. So why should anyone comply with the law?

The going trend is to purchase a gun legally and carry it around with you at all times, because the rules of law no longer apply, it is every man for himself. Although we know that if anyone of low-income status or Black (whichever comes first) are caught doing something against the books of law enforcement (who are no more now than people who have jobs with no meaning), that person will be punished according to the laws of the land.

However, if you just so happen to be Mexican, a corporate CEO or a celebrity, who gives a damn, the rules do not apply.

If this country was built on the principles of the 'rule of law,' that principle is slowly or has now no merit and should be ignored. So the next time anyone, especially a Black person, is ticketed for the smallest infraction to the worst of criminal behavior, just remember, America is the land of opportunity, except if you are poor or Black or both, and now it is the law.
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