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  1. Pick the plan you want from the following list.
  2. Send us an email at Sales@GriffinDesignsInc.com, or go to our printable order form.
  3. Print the order form and fill it out.
  4. Mail us the form, and enclose a check or money order covering the plan you choose.(or click below to use Paypal!
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Let GriffinDeisgns Create Your Website

  • GriffinDesigns will design and build your website from scratch, no templates
    - Search for and set up your domain and create an account with a domain hosting company
    - Scan any graphics or photos
    - Layout the pages to your satisfaction.
    - Create links between the pages
    - Create cascading style sheets for fonts and hyperlinks
    - Set up email accounts, for example, You@YourDomain.com, or Announcements@YourDomain.com, etc., and have all mail forwarded to any address you want
    Animations and/or javascripts are extra, depending on the request.


  • Additional Services
    - Monthly updates to your site with any text or graphic changes you want. $20/month
    - Create and maintain a mailing list and send your monthly newsletter. Visitors can subscribe via the website. $20/month.

    For more info, contact us at Sales@GriffinDesignsInc.com or call us at 203-675-1413


Banner Ads

  • A 468x60 pixel banner advertisement (up to 50K) linked to your home page.
Cost: $50 per month ($500 for 12 months - SAVE $100!)
Printable service order form


Newsletter Sponsor

  • An ad of up to 6 lines of text in TheBlackMailer newsletter, going out to over 1,000 readers and available on the web.
Cost: $25 per month
Printable service order form



A unique badge on TheBlackMarket.com home page, linked directly to your website, plus a free ad in TheBlackMailer newsletter!

Cost: $40 per month!
$200 for 1 year

Printable service order form



We reserve the right to refuse hosting any page or advertisement
We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and eCheck

If you have any questions about advertising, please check out the Advertising FAQ or contact us at m or at Sales@GriffinDesignsInc.com

P.O. Box 231
Hiram, GA 30141

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