Destructive Measures in Black American Culture

When the component of worth becomes an element that declares the value of existence, it is then the time to change your existence model. This is especially true in a world that requires standards to be acknowledged, in order for it to measure itself. Socialism has many facets of mechanization. One of the most prevalent of these would be the mechanism of measurement. This component usually determines which mode of conduct a society will exercise. Will it be one of determination or will it be one of lottery? The world today has developed nearly its entire human species to a point of equilibrium. Every society seem to have a love for profit and exploitation. The act of man interchanging with survival has evolved into a past moment in history. We now want a movement towards prosperity; no matter how developed or undeveloped we are as a people. We believe that motion and production is the pinnacle of being. There are no more sedimentary types of societies. Everything revolves around profit, development and pleasure.

In 1980 I walked out of a major educational university and immediately discovered that I was not a member of mainstream America.

A change black man, I was. I had toiled there as a student for almost five years. It was one of my most crowning accomplishments. And I immensely believed this at that time for two very distinct reasons. The more important of the two dealt with the concept of measurement. The second was the concept of survival. This acknowledgement was very troubling to me, for I feared I had morphed into a skewed characterization of my former self. One of which had been negatively affected. It seemed strange after five years of trying to validate myself to numerous sects that I had become someone's point of observation. I felt slighted. I became militant and remained that way for the better of 15 minutes. Why so short you ask? It was because I wanted the profit, advancement and the pleasure. Survival was not a major need of mine. I had assimilated myself to a segment of society that could not begin to validate itself or me for that matter. It was as lost as I was, but it possessed those favorable components: Profit, Development and Pleasure. Reality had taken a back seat to Image. For Image had better hair, a prettier face and beautiful brown skin. It also had intellect. This was a plus for me because I would only have to harness the negative aspects of the concept ~Image to galvanize the process of destroying the truth of the concept. You could always touch its glory and experience it's degrees of profit, progression and pleasure.

Being a relevant aspect of Black American culture can be as simplistic as utilizing capital in a capitalistic society. All you are really doing is making simple exchanges. You simply utilize the " payment for goods" theorem. All end transactions are brought about by this means. This is easy to explain, but the act of implementation is the trickery. You see, all of us are not designed well enough to formulate these practices. Some of us seem to tarry in disbelief, mistrust and ineptitude.. This is to escape the skepticism that we maintain. We all know that the system was designed primarily to lead us astray.

This design that changed the basic aspects of Black American Culture grew literally from the formula of personal management. The media and other non relative criteria are the proprietors of it developments now, but before them were numerous managing preferences. The most notorious of these preferences was the implementation of slavery. The second would be the implementation of the " Jim Crow Laws" . I contend the primary act of slavery was design to take away the basic concept of survival and modify it to the degree of simply existing. It was supremely effective in the reconstruction of the Black American model of characterization. After slavery the psyche of the Black American had become modified by the implementation of Jim Crow. Jim Crow manage an evolution of the original definition of the Black American's being. I guess you can determine it to be the first destructive application which affected Blacks after the post slavery era.

How low on the scale of life is the act of pure existence. You don't have to do anything to exist. Existence can occur by default. It can be imposed on you or any other object in the universe by anyone or any set of circumstances of this universe. The art of free will doesn't apply at this level. In terms applicable to humanity, it can be considered social fusion. Social Fusion is simply an act of trying to produce your identity from within a group or society.

The great American author Richard Wright wrote of the Black American Cultural experiences that he was exposed to as a child growing up in the Ole South. He then married a white ballerina and moved to France. ~ I sometimes wished I could experience something as extreme as that~. Imagine him sitting there in his study, looking across table at this petite and faint ballerina, then asking himself "What in the hell am I sad about? I am living in France with a white woman."
Laughable, but you cannot deny the truthfulness of it. Check out his biography, if you don't believe me.

Afterwards he penned the most notable work of his entire career. He had been reinvented. He was no longer in the mindset of survival. Profit, Development and Pleasure was now his mindset. His distraction of merely living had been sub planted. Life must have seemed so fulfilling to him. This brother who grew up in the skids of Mississippi looked for other principles to live by. He never was shackle by the bonds of Black American Culture. The Uncle Toms were revered and the Sambos'were chastised. I guess you could say he was the first Black Republican of note.

I know\'85 Frederick Douglas was a Republican, but He had purpose and now his name is symbolic for freedom. Mr. Wright wrote " Black Boy" and that qualifies him for scrutiny. Please do not misread me when I mention the likes of " Black Boy" as if I am speaking from a negative. I love the book " Black Boy" . This was because it gave me a sense of identity. I was shown through the eyes of some one who had given up hope on being black in America, that I could also allow myself to be lead and applied. If that was not enough validation for the Negro at the time I was searching for self-identity. Well\'85I don't " rightly know...suh."

The day I walked out of the State University, I began to walk in the footsteps of men like Richard Wright, Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King Jr. We all chose varied paths in life, but we were all looking for that one thing that seemed to deny us the most peace within. It was the question of " Where do I as a black man fit into scheme of American Culture?" Where is my identification?

A Revelation for my America

Fifty eight percent of my generation gone
Locked in the bowels of your hell
What true percentage of us, wishes you there
In your ebony tower of cells

Discarding your negativity, as it is label by you
A purge to clean your wrongs
True it is no better, a pointless attempt
To severe you from the throngs

All of your so called disenfranchised
Continuously impoverish and socially maimed
A desperate situation that disrespectfully stares back at you
Blemishing all of your gains

This is your Black America!
You so created with unjustified pride
This is your Black America!

How dare you discard the sole product?
You can honestly designate as your own
We have no true sense of our ancestral land
From which you dragged us from

Created this social province of disarray, you did
Without an inkling of guilt, nor shame
Cultivated it, Warred against it, Currently attempting to destroy it
Constantly changing it's name

So I ask you out of respect as your development
Why so set on destroying this perplex ion
Is it something there, you dare not share
That borders on perfection

No sense of worth, have you
No sense of generational pain
Even the framers of your Constitutional Decree
Played stupidly, this all familiar game

So tentatively study your situation, as they did
Although, so destructively they did so
Allow this production to control and correct itself
Or your own future generations will ceased to grow

Mmou Fasi considers himself an activist who has been directly affected by the continuance of injustices caused by both our people and the society in which we live. He states that he was a child during the King, and Malcolm era, an innocence during the so-called progressive seventies and a victim during the social reconstruction of the eighties. During the nineties, he was muted by false prosperity. He is now attempting to reassess the meaning of being black in AMERICA. He can be reached at

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