The keys to unlock the doors to financial freedom
Get Connected: Using the Internet to maximize your business


Do you want to reach the maximum amount of customers you can? do you want to reach customers all over the world? Do you want to provide 24 hour information about you and your company?

Well if the answers were yes to any of the above question, then you need to get connected to the Internet today to maximize your business, products and services.

Everywhere you look today from businesses to commercials you will see people offering you ways to contact them either by, website, e-mail or both, with the Internet you can have available 24 hour advertisement, sales and customer service.


With the Internet you can have your business accessible to potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, with your computer turned on or off, your website can be used to either sell your product or you can use it like a business card , displaying the basic information about your company, your products, and other info you think the customer may need. Everything you send out letters, business cards, commercials or ads put your Internet information on them, either a e-mail address or a website address, so that your potential customers can have 24 access to you, also with e-mail you are providing a cheap convenient way for your customers to reach and contact you.


If you do decide to sell a product on the Internet there are ways to have your site automated to take orders 24 hours a day and send the customers their receipt, either have a on-line merchant account where they can send their credit card information over the Internet securely, or have a 1-800 number where they can purchase over the phone and get their order sent, like they do on the Infomercials.

Customer service

A big part of any business is customer care the customer wants to feel important and special if they are giving you their money, you can use the Internet to set up a page where you have the frequently asked questions about your company and products usually referred to as (FAQ) with this the customer can receive important information about how to order a a product, product features, how to use a product, how to troubleshoot a product, basically anything the customer may ask you can already have it automated to be answered with a FAQ page, or you can always have e-mail available to your customer so they can receive fast, no cost correspondence from your business, with this you save yourself time and you save the customer money and time as well, and you can maximize the productivity of your respective business.

Things to make your business more maximized

1) E-mail: Get yourself a good e-mail account, so that you can receive and send mail fast and instantly to your customers.

2) Auto Responder: A auto responder is a program that will allow you to send a instant e-mail message to a customer when they send mail to you, to make this work set up the most important messages that you want to communicate to the customers, and this will save you and the customer time.

3) E-zine: A e-zine(Electronic Magazine), you can offer this to your customers or visitors free when they visit your site, a e-zine is a good tool to stay in touch with your customers about changes and special deals that your business is offering.

4) Communities: A community(also called message boards) is a place on the web where people can come together and share messages and network. you can set up your own community about your business, discuss your business and the benefits of your products, offer something of importance to your visitors.

5) Ability to accept credit cards: This is one of the more important assets that your e-company can have, with the ability to accept credit cards you further automate your business and increase the speed that the customer can order and be on their way. Read inside my new e-book for more information on how to get a merchant account to process your orders on the Internet.

Mustafaa Muhammad has been into Internet marketing for over a year, he is the owner of a web site Diamond Quality Info at, a resource of Internet marketing tips. He is also the author of a upcoming book entitled The keys to unlock the doors to financial freedom. Mustafaa Muhammad can be reached at

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