Background: Joe Bill is-an angel-in-training and wingless because he got into heaven on a technicality. His assignment should he choose to accept it, and he really has no choice is to turn around the spiritually challenged folks at the Ain't Nobody Else Right But Us-All Others Goin' To Hell Church. Impossible to do? Probably. But, they gave him plenty of reasons to laugh while he tried.

Sister Cray Zees Church Announcements (B.L.A.B.)

(C) 2002
by Pat GOrge-Walker


Sister Cray Zee, dressed in a tan, low-cut Muumuu, slowly made her way up the two blue carpeted steps leading onto the church dais. It was the third Sunday of the month which meant it was time for the forty-two year old former mental patient to give the church announcements. It was also the time for her to take five minutes to straighten her raspberry-colored wig. For reasons never revealed the wig always fell over one eye which made her look like a yellow Miss Potato Head with hair ala Hedy Lamar.

Sister Cray Zee received her news items for the churchs monthly newsletter, B.L.A.B. (Braggarts, Liars and Busybodies) from the churchs premier blabbermouth, Sister Carrie Onn. It usually meant that most of the news was not true, just interesting.

She rustled her papers, straightened her wig, and adjusted the cordless microphone after sipping a little water to down four Prozac pills; two more than she actually needed, and begun.

I thank Reverend Knott Enuff Money for giving me this opportunity to once more come before yall and tell you whats been happening with some of our congregation members. She stopped long enough to let the immediate effect of the Prozac do its thing and then continued-Now for the B.L.A.B. news.

Brother X. Con, who sometimes attends this church when he cant make it to the Mosque across town got arrested-again. It seems this time, he decided to try and rob the downtown areas, Broke Savings Bank. He used one of his thumbs and a finger to pretend he had a gun. It wouldve worked if he hadnt taken his hand out of his pocket to give the teller his note. Hed appreciate it if after the third offering collection this morning we would take up an extra one to bail him out.

Now, yall know this is about the fourth time Brother X. Con has come to us for assistance and frankly, Im tired of him. About two years ago he was locked up for doing almost the same thing. He pretended to have a gun and forced a woman to drive him to three ATM bank machines where he withdrew money from his own account and wondered how the police found him. -And they say Im a little off!

By then the Prozac was in full effect and she saw no reason to slack up on her attack on poor but confused, Brother X. Con. However, Reverend Knott Enuff Money could take no more. She was about to kill the spirit of giving that had permeated throughout the sanctuary for the past hour and three offerings. He had to shut her up.

The Reverend sprung from his seat with his purple floor length robe billowing around him like a Wizard and Jheri Curl juice spraying everyone within ten feet of the pulpit. Now lets not forget the time when you, Sister Cray Zee got arrested and placed in a line up. The police told all the women in the line up to repeat the words Its twenty dollars for fifteen minutes, or my place or yours. And you hollered out, thats not what I said!

Of course, the exchange between Reverend Knott Enuff Money and Sister Cray Zee escalated until Bishop Was Nevercalled finally stood up and separated the two of them but not before he had leaned over and collected the five-dollar bet he had on Sister Cray Zee from Reverend Over Priced who sat stoically in the third red-cushioned chair on the dais.

Well, like the motto of the Aint Nobody Else Right But Us-All Others Goin To Hell Church says, Dont Let Worry Kill You Off-Let the Church Help!

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity J

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See how they praise do the opposite. They think ain't nobody right but them...the rest of us...goin' to hell.

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1 John 4:20 "If a man says, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?"

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