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Indigestion: Farewell!

Question: I need your help. I have this acid problem. Regardless of when and what I eat, I experience an acid taste in my mouth when I burp. There is a burning sensation in my chest as well. Due to this, I am not able to sleep well and am tired most of the time. Sometimes, I vomit. My doctor has prescribed me some antacids. Do you think it is safe? Do you have a natural remedy for this? Please advise ASAP. Thanks Rows.

Answer: Hello Rows,
Good to hear from you. You are currently experiencing a mild case of indigestion. It happens when you are undergoing alleviated stress levels. Along with this, if you do any of the following below, you are bound to have an indigestion problem.

∑ If you swallow air where you either chew with your mouth wide open or gulp down a glutton of food, you may experience indigestion.
∑ Too much of coffee, alcohol or any other caffeinated beverages? Bad!
∑ Consuming fatty foods. If they are spicy or if it has been cooked with lots of vinegar, bad luck!

While the conditions above may assure that you are suffering from indigestion, I believe it can also be ulcer since they are so closely related. I see that your doctor has prescribed antacids. Antacids are safe so long as you use them in moderation. Having too many antacids will destroy your stomach acid’s pH value. Therefore, when indigestion strikes back again, the antacids will have no affect. So, it is better to opt for a diet change along with sufficient sleep in order to fight with indigestion for good. Lifestyle changes often bring positive changes. Avoid citrus fruits for a while. Concentrate on consuming watery fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers as well as red apples, pears and even pomegranates. Consume water in large quantities, about 2-3 liters per day. Walk for 10 minutes every day. It has a positive effect on your digestive system and will also help you sleep well. If you want, you may want to undergo a one-day or three-day detox plan to refresh your body and help it get rid of toxins and wastes. If you want to try a few herbs, catnip and chamomile can be of good help as they aid in digestion. The allergic effects of such herbs cannot be predicted. Therefore, don’t use any of the herbs unless it has been prescribed by a health specialist after having a thorough check-up. I hope this helps. Get rid of indigestion for good by having a balanced lifestyle.
Farewell Indigestion!

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