Love In The Garden


Moving through the night
A soft whisper through the trees,
Floating through space, trying to find a resting-place.
My body pained to reach you,
To become you

Ascending on midnight wings
In search of you
As in dreams I do.
Moving through the night, a soft whisper through
The trees.

Floating through space, trying to find a resting-place.
I'm meeting my love, in the garden.

As our skin greet, we descend to earth's floor
Claiming absolution.
Claiming love's solution over and over and over
Until the dawn.

September 1975 &endash; Izera White Warrior

Copyright ©2002 Izera White Warrior

Izera is a native Texan. In real life she is a full time dreamer with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. Active in her local church as a Women's Church School teacher and the educational board ministries. She enjoys reading, writing, vintage black and white and sci-fi movies, walks in the park, travel and a very little golf.

Her column "Expressions" highlights her personal poetry collection, as well as a variety of favorites by other artist. To submit comments about her work write to

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