Often times many of us think

Life is suppose to be easy

We believe that we do not have to travel

-any hard roads

To get to our destinations

We assume that if we point everyone else

-will follow

If we fall someone will be there to catch us

If we cry someone will be there to wipe the

-tears away

We are not willing to accept defeat

Through the challenges and struggles that lie

-a head

Instead we stand in the shadows whispering

Thinking of what is

What would

What could be?

Until we understand that:

With every victory there shall be losses

With every defeat there shall be a learning


With every pain there shall be accomplishments

Then we will still be stuck

In a dream state of mind

With our eyes wandering

In the opposite direction

Than our thought process

Making it difficult for us to take a step forward



Bruce Brumfield

Bruce is an employment specialist who loves working with people. In addition, I love to write poetry and can be reached at

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