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LFS for Wonoo Ventures seeks to inform the world of the beauty and value of African treasures such as KENTE:"Cloth of the Asante Kings" and the ART of Prince Twins Seven Seven of Western Nigeria (UNESCO’S ARTIST FOR PEACE, 2005) through informational seminars, lectures and workshops and product distribution. President Harriet B. Schiffer travels the country lecturing on and displaying exhibits of antique textiles that embody her life and reflect the traditions of a unique African culture.

The origins of Kente Cloth lie within the ancient tradition of narrow strip weaving found in the Western Sudan dating back to the eleventh century and further back to the Nile River over 2000 years ago. Kente as we know it dates back to the 17th Century and the Asante people of Ghana in West Africa - - where richly colored, intricately woven ceremonial cloths were exclusively created to be worn by kings, queen mothers and chiefs within the Asante Kingdom and reflect the culture, religion, society and world-view of the Akan people.


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Kyeretwie Weave

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Faprenu - Double PIC

ALL STRIPS ARE 4"-5" WIDE BY 70"-72"

From left to right:

Kyeretwie - "To Catch A Lion"

$40.00 per strip

Owia Repue - "The Rising Sun"

$50.00 per strip

Adwinasa - "I've Exhausted My Patterns"

$50.00 per strip

Obaakofa Mmu Man - "No Man Governs Alone"

$45.00 per strip

Abibiman Aghode - "The Wealth of Africa"

$45.00 per strip


Akwepan - Regular Weave

From left to right:

Patterns 1,2 and 3 are variation warp.
1) Black, red and gold.
2) Turquoise and white
3) Black and white

Patterns 4, 5, 6 and 7 are plain warp

4) Blue
5) Gold
6) Black
7) White

Also available in Green and Purple

Cost: $22-25 per strip*


Topreko - Single PIC, Fully Patterned

From Left to Right:


"Black Gold Dust"

B) Sika Futuro

"Gold Dust"

C) Afoakwa Mpua Nkron

"Nine Tufts of Hair"

D) Epie Akyi

"Behind the Defense Wall"

E) Abibiman Aghode

"The Wealth of Africa"
Cost: $35 per strip*


Topreko - Single Weave

From Left to Right:

A) Tintum

"Black Gold Dust"

B) Abibiman Aghode

"The Wealth of Africa"

C) Akyem

"The Shield"

D) Abusia Ye Dom

"Family Unity"

Cost: $35 per strip*


Akwepan - Regular Weave

From Left to Right

A) Tintum

"Unity in the Diaspora"

B) Emma Da

"The First"

C) Appiah

"Man From the Village"

Cost: $25-$30 per strip*

Special prices available for volume purchases!

Akwepan - Plain Weave with Gold (Luxor) Threads

From Left to Right

A) Kyeretwie

"To Catch a Lion" - White Warp

B) Nkasewa


C) Kyeretwie

"To Catch a Lioon" - Purple Warp

Cost: $40 per strip*


Hand-Stamped Adinkra Cloth

Can be used for drapes, as a bedspread or fabric for clothing, 8'x10'
Shown here in white, available in Purple, Turquoise, Red & Yellow. Included
FREE chart explaining symbols.



Ewe Kente

Kyeretwie - White Warp

Kyeretwie - Purple Warp

Kyeretwie - White Warp

Adwinasa - Purple Warp

Adwinasa "I've Exhausted My Patterns" - Traditional Warp

1. Adwinasa

2.Rising Sun

3. Adwinasa - Purple Warp

Adinkra Kente - Blue, Purple, Black

Abusua Ye Dom - Family Ties

Afoakwa Mpua Nkron"Nine Tufts of Hair"

Abibiman Aghode "The Wealth of Africa"


Cost of items depends on number of strips put together and use of gold thread.


Scarves and Shawls in stock while Jackets are custom-made, one of a kind for "You". Available in any of the patterns shown (Your own color kit available for $10.00; than applied to your first order.) All pieces come with a FREE history sheet explaining the name of the pattern, its meaning and the village where it was woven and the year.

Other Prices"

Scarves: $25.00 - $50.00

(Min: 5 Strips) Shawls: $75.00-$250.00


An entire room or merely an accessory can celebrate the rich heritage and beauty of Kente: "Cloth of the Asante Kings". Wall Hangings, bed spreads, table cloths, throw pillows or cover a love-seat (and scotch guard it!) - - LFS is your resource for bringing Kente and other valuable, appealing pieces of historical culture into your home.

General Pricing:

Wall Hanging: $175.00+ depends on size

Bedspreads: From - $850.00 - custom woven

Table Cloths or Table Runners: custom sized

If you need: Jackets: black and white -

Abibiman, Ahode - "The Wealth of Africa"

Ohene Afro Kyen - "The Chief is Embarking on A Ship"

Man's Jacket: - Black Gold Dust representing those in the Diaspora

Just have your seamstress fill out the measurement form and my designer will give you a quotation.

*Strip is 4"-4-1/2" wide by 70"-72" long. Also available in lengths of 84" or 120" when custom ordered. All prices plus shiping and insurance (where applicable).

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