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Owia A Repue - "The Rising Sun" Double Weave


Jacket worn with two piece dress trimmed with same Kente


Abibiman Aghode - "The Wealth of Africa"

Channel Style Jacket with Matching Camisole; Sarong Skirt or pants


Fatia Fatima Nkrumah

Channel Style Jacket trimmed with Fathia Kente with Matching cap sleeve top and skirt centered with Kente Cloth

Adwinasa Kente

Sleeveless Jumper - trimmed with Adwinasa Kente buttons and pockets. Complimentary long and short sleeve blouse for cool or warm weather available.

Assorted Antique Pieces for Wall Hangings. Slides available for review.

Asante Stools

13 1/2 - 18" High

Light or Dark Wood

Assorted Patterns

$275 and up

Plus shipping and insurance


Cost of items depends on number of strips put together and use of gold thread.


Scarves and Shawls in stock while Jackets are custom-made, one of a kind for "You". Available in any of the patterns shown (Your own color kit available for $10.00; than applied to your first order.) All pieces come with a FREE history sheet explaining the name of the pattern, its meaning and the village where it was woven and the year.

Other Prices"

Scarves: $25.00 - $50.00

(Min: 5 Strips) Shawls: $75.00-$250.00


An entire room or merely an accessory can celebrate the rich heritage and beauty of Kente: "Cloth of the Asante Kings". Wall Hangings, bed spreads, table cloths, throw pillows or cover a love-seat (and scotch guard it!) - - LFS is your resource for bringing Kente and other valuable, appealing pieces of historical culture into your home.

General Pricing:

Wall Hanging: $175.00+ depends on size

Bedspreads: From - $850.00 - custom woven

Table Cloths or Table Runners: custom sized

If you need: Jackets: black and white -

Abibiman Ahonyade - "The Wealth of Africa"

Ohene Afro Kyen - "The Chief is Embarking on A Ship"

Man's Jacket: - Black Gold Dust representing those in the Diaspora

Just have your seamstress fill out the measurement form and my designer will give you a quotation.

*Strip is 4"-4-1/2" wide by 70"-72" long. Also available in lengths of 84" or 120" when custom ordered. All prices plus shiping and insurance (where applicable).

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