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Inspirational Piano

Inspirational piano CDs and cassette tapes of (Southern Gospel) selections.

  • Traditional hymns.
  • A variety of praise and worship favorites.
  • Jazz standards, light classics, showtunes & Christmas music.

For more information, drop me a line at or visit my website at

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The Ultimate Sonic Experience

TRIPLE FX is a Wilmington, NC-based band and is, by far, the most innovative and creative band around, offering a broad spectrum of musical styles featuring two of the area's hottest and most talented musicians. TRIPLE FX (guitarist/keyboard/vocalist El Jaye Johnson and Lead Singer Wendell Hansley) plays a variety of styles of music, featuring R&B, Top 40, Reggae, Funk, Beach (Motown), Blues, Originals and Contemporary Jazz. Since performing in Wilmington and the surrounding area since 1995, TRIPLE FX has established an extremely loyal following. Guaranteed to display superb showmanship and musicianship, TRIPLE FX promises to delight audiences everywhere with good music for people of all ages and musical tastes. Quite simply, we provide a clean, wholesome family entertainment experience. For more information call El Jaye Johnson @ 910-343-8000 or toll free @ 1-800-992-1968.

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