Would you like to review books for TheBlackMarket.com?

From time to time, we are offered books to read and review on the site. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to adequately do this. We are always looking for people who like to read and would be interested in submitting book reveiws for TheBlackMarket.com. If you or someone you know likes to read, and would be interested in being a book reveiwer for this site, please contact us at TheBlackMarket@GriffinDesignsInc.com.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay for the reviews, however, unless the author or publicist disagrees, you can keep all the books you review.

We have few guidelines regarding content. All we ask is that it be "family friendly". We may not always agree with your perspective, but we will always try to respect it. Also, give some thought to a rating system (1-5 stars,1 bad, 5 very good). Plus, an up or down recommendation. If you want to criticize an individual or organization that is your option as each page will state that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of GriffinDesigns or TheBlackMarket.com. We reserve the right to stop publishing the reviews at our discretion if we feel it is not having a positive impact on the site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to complete the form below or contact us at the email address above.


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