Revelations by Evangelist Phyllis Graham


(John 10 & Psalm 23)
Did you know that God has a great plan for you in heaven? That’s right; living with you forever is the ultimate dream of God. He planned it in the beginning with one thought. When you were conceived, that was God’s miraculous plan for a perfect life in eternity with him. Who can tell me how long God dreamed about you? Take a minute and think about it. God planned for his own family, a royal possession created in his image. Meaning the day you were born, you arrived on earth in time for life.
There are many ways to become intimate with the Lord. The question is how can I know this good shepherd? John 3:7 says, “we must be born again”. Sinners do not know Christ but perhaps they know of him. Real people swim to the idea of living forever with the Lord. Most of us prior to coming into the knowledge of Jesus Christ, fail to reach that destination so many times. Initially, we used all sorts of props to entertain God in being intimate. Most of us found out that works or flesh will not establish intimacy with the Lord but it will produce a struggle or rapid burn out. After prayerful examination, we quickly realize through spiritual development that intimacy comes when we totally surrender ourselves to God. Secondly, surrender is like a vacuum. It sucks you away into spending quality time in prayer, praise and worship, bible study, fasting and living in an excellent spirit. Self begins to slowly vanish and then God gets the glory out of your life.
Interestingly, sheep and shepherd have much in common when you study John 10 and Psalm 23. The psalmist, David penned this scripture at an early age and he understood it as a young man and as a King. He boasted about the Lord is my shepherd! I shall not want! He knew God owned him so accountability and availability worked on both ends. David was not always above water and bluntly speaking, he understood the power of repentance as he never returned to his vomit twice. God in turn brands David as the apple of his eye—a remarkable spirit because truth stands out.
How great is your faith? Faith in God describes your intimacy with God. There were times in my life when I thought I was so close to understanding who God is. After several tests and trials coming back to back or head on, doubt started to creep into the relationship. This is never acceptable to God. Such strongholds must come down by trusting in God without evidence of failure on his behalf. God rescued me when I studied Psalm 23.
God showed me why David could strut through the entire book of Psalm so truthfully. As a shepherd, you must own the sheep and provide for them until death. David walked through the valley where wild beast and shadows trailed his life for what was left in his possession. Satan is a shadow to God. He’s on the path with you but God gave his life for the sheep. When sheep become agitated from pests and when they don’t have a sense of the shepherd’s presence, they become fearful and restless. As a timid animal, sheep will bump heads with one another until bruises appear which why the shepherd must carry oil to ease and heal the brutal wounds they may endure. His spirit is right for his sheep. Jesus carried his sheep all the way from the cross to the throne and the anointing oil of his presence and Holy Spirit removes all of our fears. Every great shepherd must carry the smell of sheep and every sheep is trained to know the voice of his shepherd. It’s vital for a Christian to develop intimacy with God to remove all fear. It will come but intimacy with God forces the enemy into a corner or back to the pits of hell. Without obeying the voice of God, we will not properly follow his instructions to enter into his kingdom. How can we hear without a spiritual ear?
David purposely took the sheep through the valley to the mountain tops which were called tables. The valley was good but sheep become heavy in the valley so they journey up to a higher plain where fresh grazing awaits them. It’s a different texture of taste, sight, smell and trust. This is new provision and I’m convinced that this Psalm came out of true love (relationship) with David and his beloved sheep.
God will never leave you in the valley and you will experience mountain top pleasures by knowing him as shepherd. How many Christians can truly say, I will never doubt God? You must wrestle with your flesh like Jacob and the man in order to know the Lord and his faithfulness. At your next trial, know that God will take you to fresh waters to restore your soul even in the midst of your going through.
Stop and totally surrender every time you need to trust God. Apply God’s truth and speak his creative words to reinforce your atmosphere and your confidence when speaking with the Holy Spirit. Your life is precious to him. Words are containers and they can either create or destroy circumstances. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to make a move because some things God will leave to you to accomplish. It takes discipline to run to the throne of God when you need to repent and do it quickly. Real saints of God do not mind stripping the flesh but hypocrites will struggle when undressing a dirty wound. I’d rather expose it than to keep it or pass the blame. Our highest aim is to become extremely intimate with God through his word. It builds relationship. We all want to make it to heaven. Let’s assume you entered into the precious sight of God and his first question is, are you faithful to me? Surely no man will lie in the face of God. We shall respond, Lord I love you with all of my heart and with all of my soul. And, I love my neighbor as myself. Who said dying was simple? Jesus did. “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Mathew 11:30. Take flight my friend and ride on God’s anointed wings.
If you would like to accept Christ, please do it now. Don’t wait. Your spirit man is the only ticket out of here and out of hell and it is real. Ask God into your heart by confessing your sins (the things that you’re deeply ashamed of and ask him to forgive you of your sins). Share your heart and hurts with God and study the bible. Read Romans 10:9-11 and 1John 9. You will need a biblebelt church where God’s word is preached and demonstrated.
Please feel free to email me at to prevail with you in prayer.
Preparing for the last days,
Evangelist Phyllis Graham

Evangelist Phyllis Graham, Chosen Vessel of God (My Holy Love)


Phyllis Graham's mission is to encourage those who will honestly admit that they need more strength, as we all do. Her primary goal is to lead others to the Lord and to help them find inner strength and peace within themselves.

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