My Walk With Farrakhan
By Mustafaa Muhammad


Mustafaa Muhammad is an "African American" who is a follower of the Islamic faith. Through independent religious studies developed an ecumenical view of the world's religions and the people of God.
And while he is devoted to Islam as his faith he is at home in the Church(or other religious institutions) as he is in the Mosque.
He has been featured on the Radio, Newspapers, public speaking events and at Mosques/Churches telling his story and offering his understanding of Almighty God's plan for salvation.

Mustafaa is involved in community activity. He believes that our faith must inspire us to greater service to humanity or we may be making a mockery of the purpose of faith.
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Why I Sell The Final Call Regardless To Winter Or Summer


Brother Mustafaa Muhammad


While driving down the street or even right at your front door you might have had the experience of seeing one of the men of The Nation Of Islam with their famous Final Call Newspaper.

We as FOI, that's Fruit of Islam for those who don't know, are required to take up this task of delivering the word of God as contained in The Final Call to our people. We are functioning as little Saviors or Messengers when we perform this noble task of uplifting a fallen humanity. 

Even in the hot of the summer you still will find the brothers handling their business with delivering this mighty word. I am often asked why in coldness of winter or the heat of the summer I would be out with a newspaper? Well briefly The Final Call is not just a newspaper in the like of other daily or community papers. The Final Call in it's essence carries the word of God as revealed in modern times to The Messenger of ALLAH, The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and is being continued by The Hon. Louis Farrakhan, who is The Messenger of The Messenger of ALLAH.

So, when you know that the paper is a life saving tool and you love your people you become energized to take this truth to the highways and byways regardless to the cost or any discomfort you may personally incur. 

Next time you see a brother out with the paper don't feel sorry for him, but rather support him with your dollar and then go home and read the #1 paper in the world, The Final Call Newspaper. 

Thank you for reading these few words


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