Living Perspectives

Living Perspectives

Desires of the heart have to be in perspective because good and evil could come from unexpected places, as we live this life of challenges and experiences. For many African Americans, the challenge of life is money. A disproportionate of problems is often associated with money. Sometimes many of the experiences that come our way should not be mistaken as errors. We must learn from what should become the obvious with money and all other life challenges that come our way. Money should not be viewed as an evil because you end up cursing yourself instead setting yourself up for a blessing.

While growing up many of us have heard or read that money is the root of evil. Here is a list of some of the examples, which has probably aided in forming this assumption: women sell their body cheap, people gamble thinking they could get a little for a lot in return, men sell drugs, and the list goes on. Well, once a person gets tired of living tough hopefully they grow up and become mature men and women; in other words, once a child becomes an adult they learn to put away childish things and learn that they must build life on sets of perspectives by examining the world around them ~ financially.

Financially, it is important to understand what you borrow you must repay, and when you borrow something for foolish reasons people ultimately are going to become a slave to their desires. Money, cannot meet ALL our needs. We tend to associate money with the root of our problems. One must remember problems are only temporary, just as the taste of cheap or expensive liquor sooner or later dissolves from the taste buds of the mouth. Money is necessary for survival, but must not be our primary objective for living the life we were meant to live. When people use money as their excuse in waiting for the right moment to have happiness they ultimately suffer and die spiritually. Money does not solve all problems, needs or concerns; otherwise, you stand to miss an opportunity that waits for you at the end of the rainbow.

In spite of adversity, money cannot satisfy the spirit that lives within you. The spirit must be supplied with fruitful food: in scripture, in exercise of the mind and body, laughter through the soul, joy with the little things in life and excitement with the pure and innocent ~ the children. In the end, when all the money is gone, what ends up happening is the same people who prayed for the money end up trusting in the money instead of God or an Higher Power of Mercy. When we do not trust in God or a Higher Power of Mercy to solve our money problems, relationship problems, health problems and career problems we end up sinking in a sea of hell instead of enjoying the abundant life. It is always better to flow with the motions of ocean until you land on a spot cradled in the earth molded just for you. Through it all, good or bad, everything must be kept in perspective because we are nothing when we are spiritually bankrupt.


Nicolla T. Acey-Tebao resides in Houston, TX. She is currently earning her doctorate in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Leadership. She can be contacted at

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