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TITLE/AUTHOR: "Nigger, Please." by Dr. Rosie Milligan
PAGE COUNT: 208 Pages
YEAR/PUBLISHER:1996/Professional Business Consultants
WHERE TO PURCHASE: Bookstores & Milligan Books.com
Book Reviewer:
By Mike Ramey, Book Reviewer


As you open the cover of this work, you hear a gun go off in your mind. The information race is on, and Dr. Rosie Milligan is the one that drops the starter's flag to inform you of the real goings-on behind the scenes of our people. If you are familiar with Dr. Milligan's work, you won't be disappointed. If you are unfamiliar with her work, this is a great introduction to it.

There are some great quotes, charts, and some previously lost history contained in this book. EVERY African-American should read the infamous 'Lynch' letter, contained in its entirety within the first chapter. If you EVER wanted to know the bottom-line on slavery, the ideas spawned in this letter will let the reader firmly know how some have tried to pre-program us for failure.

I find this a well-balanced work. It contains a few items with which I personally don't hold the same view as the author; but, its OK to disagree--and Dr. Milligan points this out several times, in several different places. Chapters include more than enough down-home illustrations, and anecdotes to keep even the most skeptical reader involved. Its one of those easy-to-follow works, that one could finish in an afternoon...but last for days or weeks afterwards.

There were several areas that had great quotes, too many to mention here. But, I did find one to round out our review session, this time around:

"...It has been said that Blacks are not motivated. I strongly disagree. Blacks are not suffering from a lack of motivation, but a lack of appreciation..."

Yes, the title is sure to get your attention. However, after the reader puts away their pre-conceived notions (and the smelling salts), one will not be afraid to refer to this book again and again...AND pass it on to those in our community who may not know how great God has truly made, and blessed us.

Mike Ramey, Reviewer--On-Line Book Reviews

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