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TITLE/AUTHOR:The Incredible Power Of Kingdom Authority by Adrian Rogers
PAGE COUNT: 214 Pages/Paperback
YEAR/PUBLISHER:Broadman & Holman Publishers; (September 2002)
Book Reviewer:
Mike Ramey

If your spiritual life needs a "booster shot", you can't go wrong with a powerful work by Adrian Rogers. If your spiritual life needs ëmajor renovation', Rogers also has that covered. In fact, if I were to be so bold, Roger's book "The Incredible Power Of Kingdom Authority" could best be described as two books in one (2002, Broadman & Holman Publishers, 214 Pages).

Rogers, known for his pastoral leadership of Bellevue Baptist Church, and the "Love Worth Finding" ministries, supplies that needed shot in the arm to those who may feel that they are at a standstill in their lives. His book also does not candy coat what one needs to do to refine their lives for Christ, thus the work comes at you with a one-two combination.

This is not one of those ëfinish in an afternoon' books on spiritual development. This book WILL force the reader to confront some very real and personal issues concerning biblical principle and one's walk with their Lord, their spouse, and their church. Rogers applies the scalpel of the Word to those areas of life that some has overlooked, or neglected. It is a book that will serve the pulpit and the pew very well.

Let's fess up at this point. There have been a host of books filling the shelves of many a bookstore, even Christian bookstores. However, it is rare that a book has the clarity, purpose, and passion to deal with the real issues of life. If one does not understand authority, or how they should act in the presence of authority--let alone the authority they have in the Christian life--they will become unworthy to represent the kingdom, or themselves.

"The Incredible Power Of Kingdom Authority" by Adrian Rogers can be found in your local Christian bookstore, library, and most certainly at your favorite on line bookseller.

Mike Ramey



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