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TITLE/AUTHOR: "Blackonomics" by James Clingman
PAGE COUNT: 208 Pages
YEAR/PUBLISHER:2000/Milligan Books
Book Reviewer:
Mike Ramey

Pop Quiz, Hotshot. You have ten thousand dollars of spare capital laying about and you are the owner of your own company. What do you do? What DO you do with the money? Pay yourself, or invest in your company? Well, the best advice is to read this book well BEFORE you come to that fork in the road.

Author, and fellow journalism warrior James Clingman has some firm, and straight-down-the-middle of the fairway financial and economic advice in his work: "Blackonomics: The Way To Psychological and Economic Freedom for African-Americans."

Clingman has taken some of his most powerful essays on economic thought, self-empowerment, and business ownership and put them together in this one work, a handy reference for the classroom, the suite, or the street. Topics range from why boycotts don't often work, to the need for investment by us, in us, and FOR us.

Clingman's work reminds me of a saying I heard a long time ago: "Just because one is pro-Black, does NOT mean that one is anti-white!" It also reminds the reader that Marcus Garvey, Ida B. Wells, Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and others in our history were not only not well received until AFTER they were long out of the public spotlight; they were oftentimes hampered by an assortment of '...snakes, spiers and liars...' who did their level best to destroy and crucify them, and their dreams of a stronger Black America.

Here's one of Clingman's observations to keep in mind if you want to truly move on up and help not only yourself...but those around you:

"It is one thing to fight the powers-that-be to get our freedom; it is another thing to fight our own people. Keep in mind the army that fights for economic empowerment will not include all Black people. Those of us who are willing to fight without compromise must understand how to identify the enemy--all enemies."

Mike Ramey, Book Reviewer, On-Line Book Reviews

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