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TITLE/AUTHOR:"Virtues Of Family Life" By William J. Bennett
PAGE COUNT:128 Pages/Hardcover
YEAR/PUBLISHER:2001/W Publishing Company
WHERE TO PURCHASE:Christian/Regular Bookstores, On-Line
Book Reviewer:
Mike Ramey

Not to be outdone by the first release in the series, W Publishing--in agreement with Simon and Shuster--come out firing once again with another William J. Bennett work, entitled "Virtues Of Family Life". The umbrella heading for the series rests within the well-received "Book Of Virtues".

Bennett, no stranger to the effort to bring back those stories of heroism, courage, love and commitment to the public consciousness, has the institution of the home featured in this more compact version. Stories from around the world about love, courtship and marriage are featured. Some of the tales easy to recognize, and some of them not. However, if you have ever wanted a particular story to bring home a particular point about marriage, fatherhood, family living, and the joys of motherhood, this is the volume for you to bring home to the family.

Two particular stories about home will bring a smile to your lips, and perhaps some new appreciation for the virtues of family. One, an African tale entitled: "A Father's Return", provides a pair of sharp lessons on pride and love. Another, entitled: "The Silent Couple" is a study in stubbornness...with an unusual ending.

"Virtues Of Family Life" would make an excellent addition to any library, or to a pair of newlyweds just starting out to build a family of their own. Some writers are famous and some are not. However, the key points of family life are examined for all to see, learn, and hopefully pass on to a new generation.


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