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TITLE/AUTHOR: "The Chase " By Clive Cussler
PAGE COUNT: 416 Pages/Hardcover
Simon & Schuster
Book Reviewer: One Man

Having read pretty much all of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels, I'm used to his style of writing. The Chase is different from all of his previous novels. The setting is 1906 in San Francisco shortly before the earthquake that destroyed that city. An unknown criminal has been robbing banks, killing all witnesses - even women and children - and getting away without a trace. After many have failed to even identify the sex of the criminal, a new detective, Isaac Bell, is put on the case. What follows is one of the best adventure novels I've ever read.

Cussler's trademark is in the details. He gives you enough to keep the story going but doesn't go overboard like fellow suspense writer Tom Clancy. You see the story from both the side of the predator and the prey. Once Isaac Bell identifies the criminal, and the criminal knows he's being watched, the ensuing game of cat and mouse is riveting, made all the more fascinating by the fact that neither the detective or the criminal have to do what they do. They love what they do. Once you know why the criminal does what he does, his ruthlessness makes sense.

In another break from his Dirk Pitt novels, Cussler has several subplots occurring throughout the book. There are romances as well as office politics that make the characters seem to jump off the pages. But Cussler doesn't totally neglect his bread and butter. It has always been obvious that the author loves cars, antique cars specifically. You can now add trains to that list. He gives just enough information to keep the story going, but not so much that you start skipping paragraphs (as I've done with Clancy novels).

As with his other novels, this is a very easy read. Cussler has written another masterpiece.

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