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TITLE/AUTHOR:"More Justice More Peace" by Nedra D. Campbell
YEAR/PUBLISHER:2003,Lawrence Hill Books/Independent Publishers Group
Book Reviewer:
Mike Ramey

Do you know your legal rights? No, not what you may THINK that they are, but what they TRULY are under the law? If you answered a big "NO' to either of my questions, then you need to pick up a copy of "More Justice More Peace" by Nedra D. Campbell (2003, Lawrence Hill Books/Independent Publishers Group, 270 pages).

While the book was released earlier in 2003, it is the subtitle that gets one's attention: "The Black Person's Guide To The American Legal System". One can sit down with a cup of coffee and finish it in one afternoon. However, it will quickly become one of those reference books that you may need down the road, as the work covers the legal rights and realities of those who are business owners, prisoners, voters, tenants, and married couples.

In this work, Campbell breaks down the complexities of the American legal system. No, this is NOT a book meant to replace the need for a good lawyer in certain situations. In fact, Campbell has a section that examines when one should secure the services of an attorney, and when one can handle a legal matter by themselves. She breaks it down for easy consumption, chapter by chapter. What I particularly liked about this work is the fact that it comes chock full of addresses, legal definitions, and some of the things that one should/should not do when stopped by the police, or faced with the prospect of opening their own business.

One of the added bonuses of the book is that it contains some of the legal decisions that have shaped African American society. It provides parents and teens some practical, realistic, and "down home' advice on legal matters, taking the time to answer some of the more obvious questions in FAQ form at the end of each chapter. It even includes an overview of copyright, patent, and trademark law; as well as updated information as to where to find legal resources on the Internet to further help one get answers and information on some of the heavier aspects of law and justice. The diagrams and charts are easy to follow, and further illustrate the care that Campbell took in putting this work together.

"More Justice More Peace: The Black Person's Guide To The American Legal System" is going to be one of those "word of mouth" success stories. To obtain your copy, check with your local bookstore, or go on line to your favorite bookseller's site. Once you get your copy, you may have to get an additional one to "loan out' to family, friends, or those whom you may know who need some "extra' ammunition to untie some legal knots.


Mike Ramey

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